Join P-Beau%E2%80%99s for a Special Beer Dinner with Gnarly Barley Brews


Calling all craft brew lovers!
P-Beaus’ Quality Food & Drink is holding a special Baton Rouge beer dinner that you definitely don’t want to miss. On Thursday, September 21st from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, we’ll be serving up some of your favorite quality food, elevated, along with the amazing craft brews from Southeastern Louisiana’s very own Gnarly Barley Brewing Company. Presented by P-Beau’s very own Thaddeaus Swart, this special dinner menu will include:
Radical Rye Queso Fundideaux, House Salsa, Chips - Featuring Radical Rye
Adobo Pork Taco, Catahoula Common slaw, Cilantro - Featuring Catahoula Common
Cilantro Jack Salad, Blackened Shrimp, Lion Up, Jalapeno Vinaigrette - Featuring Lion Up
Mojo Flank Steak, Jucifer caramelized onions, Chimichurri - Featuring Jucifer
Korova Milk Porter Ice Cream, Sopapilla, Korova Caramel - Featuring Korova
Seating for this special Baton Rouge beer dinner at P-Beau’s Quality Food & Drink is limited, and tickets are selling fast! To purchase your ticket today, go to now!