Baton Rouge Comfort Food Elevated

Baton Rouge Restaurant
Here at P-Beau’s Quality Food & Drink in Greater Baton Rouge, our motto is that we provide “comfort food elevated.” What exactly does that mean? Read on to learn about how we’ve taken some of your all-time favorite dishes and made them even better than Mom prepares them.
For example, one of America’s favorite comfort foods - the burger. At P-Beau’s in Greater Baton Rouge, all of our burgers are made with a special blend of short rib, brisket and chuck. Quite a step above the regular ground meat you get at other places, huh? Adding to the elevation are the ways we dress our burgers. One of our patrons’ favorites - the Tavern Double Cheeseburger - comes dressed with sharp cheddar, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, purple onions and our special house-made pickles. Talk about delicious!
Another favorite comfort food is the grilled cheese sandwich. While we offer one for the kiddos on our kids menu, we also have a Grown-Up Grilled Cheese and Soup option on our regular menu. More than simply cheddar, this elevated version of an American favorite includes gouda and provolone, too, along with a bacon onion jam. And as tradition calls, it’s served alongside a heartwarming bowl of Tomato Basil Soup.
Finally, we offer our take on the traditional chicken sandwich. Our Roasted Chicken Sandwich is sure to please with herb-roasted chicken so tender and flavorful, you won’t believe the sandwich sells for only $10.99! It’s topped with bacon, tomatoes, cilantro/jalapeno aioli and swiss cheese.
Of course, at P-Beau’s not only do we offer American classics, but your favorite Southern dishes, too. You’ll find on our menu a Louisiana Crawfish Salad, Pasta Jam, Redfish Lebeau, Gulf Coast Fried Shrimp and a Blackened Fish Poboy, too.
If you’re craving some comfort food, let us show you how we make it better than you’ve ever had it before. Visit us at P-Beau’s Quality Food and Drink in Denham Springs, easily accessible from anywhere in Greater Baton Rouge from I-10.